its so funny how some people forget how RM was before Mou, we used to be the circus of europe, every 8 months we used to get a new coach, the press used to do anything they wanted to the club. they remember how we never used to get to quater finals on champions?,  how we used to get eliminated by any team in copa del rey? i mean, how many clásicos we won in those years?. WE NEVER HAD A SOLID TEAM BEFORE! NEVER HAD A GAMESTYLE! And now that we have it people want to destroy it, including madridistas.

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Gracias por defender este escudo a coste personal, gracias por decir lo que muchos callan, gracias por desenmascarar a muchos que se hacían llamar ‘madridistas’, gracias por destapar la mediocridad de muchos, gracias por demostrar que el verdadero señorio es el que se lucha, gracias por demostrarnos que el esfuerzo vale mas que un estatus, gracias por no hacer no lo que otros dicen, gracias por no ser igual que ellos, gracias por siempre ser tu, gracias por devolvernos la ilusión.

"La caída del mas grande, es la felicidad de los mediocres". 

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En lo bueno y en lo malo

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87/100 photos of Cristiano Ronaldo

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“…With what he does, he shouts so loudly that you cannot hear what he says. It could be said that actions speak louder than words. I love his determination. He never gives up. That essential perseverance that helps everyone achieve their dreams. Enough decisive things have happened already for me to say that I’m sure he’s an excellent role model to follow. Although life goes on, the rivers flows and the birds migrate, we’ll always have the tireless Cristiano and his goals in a Real Madrid shirt.” -Di Stéfano (x)

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“No me arrepiento de este amor, aunque me cueste el corazón.”

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20/100 → Real Madrid

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football meme favourite player 1/2

I am who I am, I’m not going to change for anyone because when others speak of me, it doesn’t change my opinion therefore I need to have a tranquil conscience. All that I have, I have because of hardwork and sweat therefore I don’t have a problem being who I am. I’m very proud of myself.“— Cristiano Ronaldo

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There were still a few minutes left when Cristiano Ronaldo turned to the fans and showed them the club’s badge on his chest before pointing at the LFP logo on his sleeve. Real Madrid: the league. When the final whistle blew in Bilbao, Mourinho put seven fingers in the air; it was his seventh league title as a coach. Ronaldo and Athletic’s Javi Martínez confronted each other. Mourinho was thrown up into the air and Iker Casillas threw his gloves into the crowd. Soon, Pepe and Sergio Ramos were doing the same with their shirts. Down in the dressing room, Esteban Granero and Xabi Alonso put up two and three fingers respectively. Facing the camera, they’d got it the wrong way round but you got the point: it was Madrid’s 32nd title.

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“I was thrilled that 80,000 people asked me to stay” - Gonzalo Higuain

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